Friday, March 27, 2009

No painting done - gone skiing

This week I painted... Absolutely nothing! Instead I have been having far too much fun in Fiss, Austria - a full week of skiing and not a single broken limb.

Some days were sunny, and with excellent slopes:

Others were significantly less sunny, with heavy snowfall and 50cm of fresh powder. Hell of a lot of fun to ski, and makes for nice shots after a fall...

I have been good though, and worked some more on This One's Split - other than the magic system and flying troops seems we have most of the game mechanics down now. Needs a lot of playtesting though. And I have the first few sketches for the magic system, which now needs to be worked into an actual system.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fantasy miniatures (demonworld)

Had a bit more fun with my light tent yesterday evening, taking shots of various miniatures in my plains elves and orcs armies for the fantasyw argames set I'm working on ( I'm pretty pleased with the short focus here, really helps seperate the figures from the unit deployed behind them, while still making it feel like they are on some battlefield.

Oh, these are 15mm demonworld miniatures. Unfortunately out of production, but then again I still have about 600 ready to paint ;)

Orc commander:


Plains elves general:


Plains elves ranger commander:


Monday, March 16, 2009

Basing recipe

Got some questions how I did my bases in the previous posts, so here's the 'secret':

The process is simple (and nicked from others)

(1) Apply polyfiller or equivalent to even out the bases
(2) paint dark green, quick highlight light green
(3) attach patches of silfor static grass (comes on sheet)
(3) paint the base with PVA glue diluted to thick milky substance, and scatter with a mix of light green and dark green fine turf
(4) Allow glue to dry, then wash with thinner PVA glue to fix the turf
(5) Apply coarse turf: burnt grass and the multi-coloured coarse turf I used for the wildflowers. Unfortunately there is no label on that bag and I can't for the life of me find it on the website...
(6) Allow glue to dry, then wash with thinner PVA glue to fix the coarse turf
(7) Matte varnish - the PVA glue dries to a really high shine and looks very silly as a result.

For the various turfs and such, see: Antenociti's Workshop

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Finally finished the basing!

I finally got my act together and wrapped up the basing of some generals and the first 2 battalions of landwehr that I had been rebasing. The bases of the remaining 4 battalions are near completion as well.

I've taken some pictures of the ones I got finished. First of all here's Von Jagow with an ADC. Pretty pleased with how the bases turned out, and love the AB generals, really nice figures!


Then there's the landwehr battalions. Unfortunately completely crap troop (Westphalian landwehr in 1815, about as bad as they can get), but amongst the nicer figures made by (then) Chariot Miniatures. These were the first actual units based with my new basing technique, so it was a bit of an experiment for me. Slightly more labour intensive than I had hoped, but not bad overall.