Saturday, January 31, 2009

Still working on those generals


Managed to get a bit more painting done today. Most details are now on the figures, still need to do hair, highlight the skin tones and do a few last details like the porte-manteaux.

In the mean time did a bit of work on a fantasy wargame set, that should go through a first playtest next weekend. Hope things will work, but there's some concepts that need a lot of testing.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

No painting today

No painting today, was away on travel during the day, and had a good bout of sparring (medieval martial arts) tonight. I know muscles will be a touch sore tomorrow, good ;)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Prussian Commanders (cont.) Facings


Spent a good while on the collars - quite a pain to paint a metallic gold line along the LOWER edge of the collar, without painting onto the coat...

Also did a first highlight on the faces, just to get an idea what they are going to look like.

Dilemma: The sashes, silver or white? Hard to tell from illustrations, need to do more research again.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Prussian Commanders (cont.) - And then they were horses


Today I did the detailling on the horses - blazes, socks, manes, hooves.

I tried a new trick for the dark manes. Mixed black ink with Valleyo "Slow Dry". Helps the ink stick more than run, and makes for a nice darkening filter effect. Just painted that across the already shaded brown or grey.

I'm pretty pleased with the results, makes one hell of a difference. Suddenly they start to look like horses.

Next up: Either the clothes or the horse tack, yet undecided.

Prussian Commanders (cont. 2)


I wasn't happy with the brown horses, figured they needed a slightly different shade.

Washed with Vallejo's 'skin wash' with a bit of black wash mixed in, then highlighted with a bit of orange brown thrown in.

Enough for the night, I'll be having a look tomorrow how much lighter I want the highlighting, before I start detailling the horses (socks, blazes etc)
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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Prussian Commanders (cont.)


Added the basic colours for the uniforms. Bit of a puzzle, didn't expect the greatcoat collars to have facing colours as well, for one.

Stumped on the saddlecloths/bags and the like, will need to search for sources on that. I only have colour pictures of generals on foot...
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Friday, January 23, 2009

Prussian Commanders in progress


Continuing with bringing my 1815 Prussians up to speed for Le Feu Sacré. I am seriously lacking in commanders, so am adding a slew of:
- Regimental commanders (1 figure)
- Brigade Commanders (2 figures, undecided yet)
- Corps Commander(s) (3 or 4 figures)

Painting mounted figures is more time consuming than I recalled. But at least their uniforms are really simple.

These figures are a mix of AB and Fantassin generals, with one Chariot ADC thrown in.
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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Landwehr - Painting done


Well, they're done!

One day of drying, then the varnish - and then it's waiting for the Litko bases to arrive.

And as a reward, only 3 battalions of more Chariot miniatures to go before I can start on the AB figures
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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Landwehr still


Didn't get much painting done last night as I was also working on the tree for a medieval saddle. I managed to do the gunmetal for the weapons and the white for the straps. Oh well, keep going....
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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Still landwehr

Spent a few hours working on the landwehr again. Shading is now finished for the uniform colours (blue & gray).

Still left to do:

* gunmetal (weaponry)
* brown (muskets, shoes)
* black highlights (backpacks, cartridge boxes, shoes)
* white (straps, bags)
* red (shoulder straps)
* hair highlights
* skin highlights
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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Painting Landwehr

Last weekend I played a game of La Feu Sacré with Dick and Jur. [battle report] I really enjoyed the game by "Toofatlardies" and it got me to look at my napoleonic 1815 Prussians again.

The LFS uses a different basing than the Newbury Fast Play that my miniatures were based for, meaning I will have to rebase the lot of them. Bases have now been ordered from Litko (extremely thin plywood; great stuff!)
My Prussian army will be the majority of the 1815 1st Corps. I have Brigade 2 all painted, and part of Brigade 3, but am short a lot of landwehr and some regular infantry.
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Hence the resumption of painting my Chariot landwehr figures, to be followed by a last infantry regiment by Chariot that I still had on the shelves.
The 1st Brigade will be AB figures since they're smashing sculpts - but I'm keeping them in separate brigades since they don't mix well with the chariot figures.

Cracking along nicely with the Landwehr, painted some of my evening time last week, and a few hours at Murphy's Heroes. In good company with both Dick and Petra painting as well.

Painting Again

I cleaned up my workbench and, after a good few months without touching a brush, I'm painting again. I finished 3 bases of orc spear-armed infantry for Vis Magica. They'd been sitting ready to paint for at least 6 months...

Here's the method I use for painting these miniatures: Orcs Quick and Dirty Style

Just need to finish the bases and they'll be ready to go. Which leaves me with only, say, 400 orc infantry left to paint ;)
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