Sunday, January 11, 2009

Painting Landwehr

Last weekend I played a game of La Feu Sacré with Dick and Jur. [battle report] I really enjoyed the game by "Toofatlardies" and it got me to look at my napoleonic 1815 Prussians again.

The LFS uses a different basing than the Newbury Fast Play that my miniatures were based for, meaning I will have to rebase the lot of them. Bases have now been ordered from Litko (extremely thin plywood; great stuff!)
My Prussian army will be the majority of the 1815 1st Corps. I have Brigade 2 all painted, and part of Brigade 3, but am short a lot of landwehr and some regular infantry.
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Hence the resumption of painting my Chariot landwehr figures, to be followed by a last infantry regiment by Chariot that I still had on the shelves.
The 1st Brigade will be AB figures since they're smashing sculpts - but I'm keeping them in separate brigades since they don't mix well with the chariot figures.

Cracking along nicely with the Landwehr, painted some of my evening time last week, and a few hours at Murphy's Heroes. In good company with both Dick and Petra painting as well.

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