Thursday, March 03, 2005

Hotel Room Miniature Painting

As I'm currently away from home for work, I'm having to resort to painting mini's in a hotel room. It's either that or not get any painting done for the next 8 months or so.

Facing this challenge, I made myself something of a survival kit:

* plastic cover for desk; I'm sure hotel staff would frown upon splotches of paint across their desk.

* desklamp ; illumination in the room is not sufficient for painting and I want to have similar light to home. I may do some painting at home and have very poor experiences with painting under differing light; the colour schemes just turn out flawed.

* cup & towel; I'm sure the hotel would object to me using theirstuff to clean my brushes

* transport case; contains too or so Vallejo acrylic paints, inks and acrylic medium. Also a variety of brushes size 1-3 and a few old ones for drybrushing. I don't ''believe" in 000 brushes as a good size 1 will do all detail I care to paint.

* miniatures; approx. 40 15mm figs and 10 25mm figures. Currently in the box are demorworld orcs (finished) and elves (50%) as well as Shadowforge bloodbowl elves

Painting in the hotel works quite well. It's no great hassle to set up stuff now it's packed for transport. Only undercoating and varnishing has to be done at home in the weekends, as I use humbrol there and don't want to stink up the hotel room.

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