Sunday, February 08, 2009

15mm Plains Elves cavalry charge

I took a whole bunch of photos during playtests of a new fantasy wargames rule set that Dick and myself are working on.

Unfortunately the vast majority was taken from hand and had moved too much to be of any use, and it didn't help that I had the wrong white balance loaded.

I discovered this right at the end, which meant that at least the glorious charge of my plains elves heavy cavalry got captured on screen. This was after the orcs managed to smash their way into the light infantry rangers and routed a good portion of them. The cavalry reserve saw a bunch of disordered orcs, charged in and saw them off:

To promptly follow up with a brilliantly executed handbrake turn, into the flank of the main body of orc infantry. Somehow they weren't too pleased with it.

More news on the rule set to follow on

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