Wednesday, February 04, 2009



Trying out some new methods of finishing bases. A sizeable order of basing stuff just arrived from Antenociti's Workshop today, and I had to try it out, in particular the silfor bi-color static grass clumps.

Right now I still have too much shine from the glue underneath. I used the wrong type of glue though, going to try some more with diluted PVA, tomorrow.

Also going to try and wash this base with diluted acrylic matte varnish, and see if that gets rid of the shine.

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Mad Padre said...

Awesome work, Derk. The base really complements the mini. Excellent work all around.


AJ (Allan) Wright said...

I agree with the Padre, great work on this base. Just enough of each type of detritus.

Derk said...

Thanks guys :) Now I'll have to see how this works for more crowded bases like infantry.

Timothy Burke said...

I like the arty positioning with the figure off centered. Nice!

Derk said...

To be honest that's entirely accidental, this base was supposed to hold one more figure ;)

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