Wednesday, April 15, 2009

WIP Giant - nearly finished

Another evening of painting and I'm happy with the big guy. I think he will make an impressive/intimidating opponent for my elves!


Tomorrow I just need to varnish the bugger, and then he'll be ready for basing on Friday.
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Witteridderludo said...

looking forward to see him in the flesh

Mad Padre said...

I have a Games Workshop Isengard troll for my Uruk Hai army and it's always nice to have a big ugly fellow to intimidate your opponent. Your giant looks just right for that job! :)

fré said...

eindelijk iemand die ook nederlands spreekt. hallo, ik ben frederik viaene en woon in oost-vlaanderen, België. Mijn blog:
Als je zin hebt neem dan eens een kijkje naar mijn galliërs en romeinen.
groeten fré.

Alexander Man said...

Just found your blog via "52 weeks, 52 miniatures"... You got some really great stuff here, and I´m going to follow :) 15mm projects are interesting, and I really dig that Blood Bowl team in your older posts!!!

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