Saturday, July 03, 2010

First Charlie Don't Surf USMC squad

I finally got around to doing some painting for Vietnam wargaming with Charlie Don't Surf by Too Fat Lardies. I'm using Pendraken miniatures, and found they paint up pretty well for 10mm. Fast, too - definitely faster than when I am painting 15mm.

Company headquarters:

These two stands both (in the CDS rules) represent 'big men' - the guys that get things to happen. On the left hand side a senior NCO, on the right hand side the company command group, with officer, NCO and RTO. The RTO I had to convert from the ANZAC range as the US range doesn't have RTOs.

Platoon command:

In the middle of the first squad is the platoon command group, consisting of the platoon commander and his RTO (again a conversion).

First squad:

Here's the full first squad with platoon and company HQ. Note that there's in total 7 converted figures. In all cases I had to remodel bush hats to helmets. In some cases more, and in some cases less successful. Still, on the table I don't think anyone will notice much.

Oh, and why? Contrary to what Hollywood may have us believe, it's really hard to come across any evidence whatsoever of guys within the same squad wearing bush hats and helmets. Who knows, maybe they did figure that the helmer was useful in keeping their brains in one place?

I am pretty content with the camouflage patterns. After washing and drybrushing they are subtle enough not to scream for attention. I used the army pattern for the helmet covers, and the newer camo pattern for (some of) the trousers. Primary difference being that I added black in the mix for the trousers.

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dmchodge said...

All looks good to me.

Macgufo said...

what is the bases's size ? 25mm?

Derk said...

5 eurocent coins :) They are approx. 21mm in diameter.

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