Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First NVA platoon

One down, 3 to go...

After the USMC with camo and such, the NVA sure paints quickly once I figured how I wanted to handle the uniform colour. Two half evenings spent painting, afternoon painting and chatting at Murphy's Heroes and then 2 hours or so finishing the basing.

The whole platoon

The platoon consists of 3 9-man squads and one big man (who only turns out on a good day....). In comparison to the USMC platoon with squads of 12 you got to feel sorry for these guys!


To help these two guys out, and since I had some spare putty going about, I built 2 small bunkers, one of which is shown above.

Some of the squaddies

Kinda liked RPG gunner, so I included one in every squad. Even if that is a bit too much for realism...

On Patrol

I used three different colours for the uniform. All US khaki drab highlight to different shades of green.

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