Sunday, October 07, 2012

Dux Brit army nearing completion

After having given the new TFL Dux Brittaniarum rules (see a spin during the playtest time I've been working on painting my Gripping Beast Romano-British forces. I've been way too distracted with other things, and process has been painfully slow. But I am finally getting to the point where I'll be able to field the full "starter force" so I went and took some photos.
Overall I went with a more late roman than "celtic" look. Not based on any hard evidence but simply on personal preference. Slightly biased since that's where my re-enactment roots lie ;)

The elite of the army consists of the "companions" (Comanipulares) of elite armoured infantry. They got a late roman cavalry shield design, perhaps troops stationed in Britain that stayed behind when the Roman Empire formally gave up on Britain, and equipment and traditions that got handed down to their successors. For these shields I used the LBM decals bought through Gripping Beast.

Warriors and levy
Warriors (Milites) are trained soldiers and according to the rules would wear armour. To my understanding armour would have gotten pretty scarce, so I am being a bit less enthusiastic with the metalwork. I will be using warriors with armour but also some without, such as the front line in the below photo.
The rear rank ik brought up with levy (Numeri) - basically whoever can be found to hold a long pointy stick. The militia pack contains a nice mix of all poses and outfits, which worked pretty well for me.
Both the militia and warriors' shield designs are hand painted.

Missile troops
Missile troops - in this case archers - are something of a side show in Dux Brit. They are not usually the deciding factor in a skirmish, but at the same time they are too dangerous to ignore. These two chaps will be joined by 2 more that I am painting up at the moment.

Characters Of course where would these fine warriors be without their leaders to lead them? The 2 fine gentlemen below are yet to be named, but they will be the overall warlord and a subordinate leader.

Since any good warlord has a champion, I have painted up one of those as well. Is he too ugly to show his face? Does he think the helmet will strike fear into the hearts of his opponents? Who knows...

Then there is this chap. A pagan priest, a mystic or a travelling monk in need of a haircut? Still to be determined.

And last but not least those two flowers of Britain, gracefully present to provide opportunities for interaction with the local population.

8 more militia and 2 archers on my painting table that need to be finished coming Saturday. No challenge to most of you I'm sure, but I take forever painting 25mm figs....

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WillieB said...

Knap werk Derk! We zijn begonnen aan een DUX B campagne vorige week en het is ongelofelijk prettig!

Chris Stoesen said...

Nice looking force.

Jur said...

Ziet er erg goed uit!

Jon Yuengling said...

All are very nice.

Phil said...

Fantastic!!! Great painting style on those beautiful figures!

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