Wednesday, July 07, 2010

First USMC platoon finished!

I cracked ahead painting another 2 squads and a corpsman to complete the first platoon. Quite happy with how fast I've been able to paint these little guys, 10mm sure is a pleasure in that regards.

The whole platoon


At 12 men a squad, it's a lot of guys per squad. With 36 for a platoon they can also be fielded as 4 8-10 men squads when we need something other than marines.



After having tended to a wounded marine he's left with a mess of drenched bandages, the marine probably whisked away by a dustoff helicopter. The medic is a slightly converted ANZAC figure.

No. 3 squad


Some of the men in #3 squad. I particularly like the advancing marine cradling the M16 to his chest. A nice pose and very crisp sculpting.

On Patrol

Here #3 squad has moved out on patrol in single file. Since I have not painted a single NVA yet, they're safe so far. I'm going to pause painting USMC for now, waiting for Pendraken to release the helmeted LMG figure that Derek H has done as a conversion. Due in August I'm not going to bother with resculpting helmets for the machine gunners any further.

So next up I guess will be some NVA. Now to decide on the uniform colour. Anything from green to khaki to nearly buff is possible.

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inrepose said...

Very nice work. What brand do you use for the tufts of grass?

Derk said...

The Silfor two tone stuff

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